A subscription to the Journey Back in Time database brings 400 years of history to life with access to valuable primary source materials online.

It includes tens of thousands of selected newspaper articles, rare books, videos, illustrations, photos, maps, and documents spanning 400 years of American heritage. Each item has been painstakingly scanned and preserved as a PDF image so you can experience the very item your ancestors held in their hands.

Original scanned materials are available, along with reformatted text versions in English or Spanish.
• Browse thousands of original articles in the Time Vault.
• Read chapters from old volumes in the Rare Book Room.
• Watch Video Time Capsules about the people and events that have shaped our world.
• Create your own lesson plans using the Time Vault's primary resources.
• Use the Dictionary of Historical Terms to find helpful definitions.
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Dust Bowl Of The 1930s
Automobiles from 1769 to 1915
Progressive Era Advertisements
The Raven ~ Edgar Allen Poe
Salem Witch Trials

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